Physically Cross-Linked Foams

August 6, 2021

Physically cross-linked foams from Trocellen are characterized by their very fine cell structure and smooth surface. Due to their closed cell structure, they are resistant to the absorption of various media and are at the same time a very light material. These features are complemented by excellent acoustic and thermal properties and make these foams the ideal material for various applications. Applications include seals, soft-touch solutions, molded parts, adhesive tapes, and much more.

In the process of cross-linking, the polyolefin is foamed vertically or horizontally and thus receives its specific properties. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, Trocellen is able to adapt the formulation, and thus the strengths of the material, in order to meet specific customer requirements. Sustainable bio-foams can also be manufactured, for example, as can less environmentally harmful flame retardants. 🌱 In addition, vertical foaming also allows the production of very thin foams.

Trocellen PO foams are available as rolls or sheets. In addition to standard dimensions, we are able to deliver foams in sizes according to customer requirements.

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