TROCELLEN® is one of the leading manufacturers of chemically and physically cross-linked polyolefin foams and combines its skills in the foam production with various converting capabilities. Together with our partners, we realize innovative applications and solutions that meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

Our tailored solutions with sustainable customer value are the result of our longtime experience combined with our passion for automobiles.

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Optimized material xlpe foam

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Heat resistance up to 140°C

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Low burning rate (fmvss 302) < 100 mm/min

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Up to 65% weight saving

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Thermal insulation reducing energy losses

Invented by TROCELLEN

The twinsheet thermoforming process using cross-linked PO foam was developed by TROCELLEN and has proven itself as a technically and commercially attractive alternative to the conventional blow molding process for the production of air ducts.

TROCELLEN’s distinguished know-how and in-depth customer support regarding optimal material choice and process parameters in combination with the company’s perfectly suited cross-linked PO foams have made TROCELLEN the preferred partner for manufacturers of serial twinsheet air ducts as well as car manufacturers.

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Due to the properties of the closed cell PO foam, the air ducts show excellent advantages compared to blow molded ducts:

  • Weight reduction – up to 65% lighter than solid air ducts
  • Thermal insulation improvement – reduction of energy loss
  • Acoustic absorption – up to 5dB less airflow noise
  • Easy assembly – high flexibility, good restoring behaviour
  • Sealing function – no squeak & rattle
  • No condensation – no bacteria
  • Easy prototyping – cost-efficient prototype tools and fast prototype production

Invented by TROCELLEN

Technical Drawing

Weight: HDPE vs. PO-foam

Weight: HDPE vs. PO-foam

Weight: PP vs. HDPE

Weight: PP vs. HDPE

Comparison Matrix – soft PO foam vs. blow molded HDPE air ducts

Comparison Matrix

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