Social responsibility in action

March 14, 2023

Social responsibility in action

It is no exaggeration to say that the entire world was shocked by the recent tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria. More than fifty thousand people lost their lives, and millions lost their homes. The disaster caused unimaginable damage.

Although the tragedy all deeply touched us, several colleagues of ours were unfortunately also more closely involved. Many of our people working at the Trocellen plant in Germany had relatives and friends in the affected area, and for them, the consequences of the earthquake were also personal.

After several people expressed their desire to help, the employees got together and collected 1.500,- euros in a short time. The team once again functioned as a family, as an unbreakable unit helping each other, and firmly stood by the side of the involved colleagues to help. The management of the German plant decided to supplement the amount with a similar sum, which thus rose to 3,000,- euros. Another 4.500,- euros came from Trocellen Holding, which also included the support from other member companies. The entire donation thus accumulated to a great 7.500,- euros.

It makes us proud that we in our staff in Troisdorf and the other locations together set a strong example to support each other and hereby express our solidarity with the staff and their families and friends.

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