Die Cutting

With our innovative materials, we meet the increasing demands for lightweight solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Die-cut parts from TROCELLEN are lightweight and at the same time provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities as well as convenient haptics. With these convincing properties, they are used for applications like sealings, seat reinforcement or fender insulation.

TROCELLEN is using a large variety of converting capabilities to get the best performance out of our materials. We supply customers with functional parts, interior trim and material & process solutions

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TROCELLEN's advantage lies in the combination of various converting capabilities with the production of foams. This gives us the opportunity to find the optimal solution for every requirement of our customers. Thus, together with our partners, we implement innovative applications and solutions that meet the highest standards of the automotive industry.

Die Cutting
Seat Insert

Fields of Application

Gaskets, closings and plugs made of TROCELLEN PO foam are used in instrument panels, headliners, door panels and trim structures as a wet and dry boundary sealing.

Seat reinforcements
Used within the seat cushion for the stabilisation of the PU foam.

Fender insulation
Fill empty spaces in order to reduce noise effects as well as squeak & rattle.

The wide range of processing techniques enables us to find the optimal solution for virtually all applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Processed Materials

In addition to our PO foams, we have a wide range of materials that we process to provide our customers with an optimal solution for their applications. Below, you will find a small selection of the materials we process:


PUR foams




Thin aluminium sheets


Silicone and PVC foams




EPDM foams




Plastic films


Others on request

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