May 7, 2021

Trocellen Automotive is one of the leading manufacturers of cross-linked polyolefin foams. We provide a professional blend of foam production skills with different converting capabilities. Our presence across the globe helps us to understand and design innovative applications and solutions that meet all requirements of the automobile industry.

During the thermoforming manufacturing process plastic sheets are getting heated to a certain temperature. Then the softened sheets are stretched across the mold and manipulated into the desired shape. Trocellen is using the twin sheet thermoforming process for the production of air ducts. This process is a technically and commercially attractive replacement for the conventional blow molding process. We have developed this method for a more efficient methodology, while using cross-linked PO foams.

Trocellen manufactures products that are best suited for acoustic and thermal insulation and are extremely light weight. These are applicable for sealing, seat reinforcement or fender insulation. Our cross-linked PO foam is heat resistant up to 140 degree Celsius and has a low burning rate. This makes us the ideal choice for thermal insulation projects. Our products are a representation of our passion for the automobile industry. Each and every product is designed to meet diversifying trends and all requirements of the industry.

Trocellen has a competitive edge in the market because of its in-depth knowledge about the optimal choice of materials and process parameters according to the customers’ requirements. This helps us to produce perfectly suited cross-linked PO foams. Our strong customer support system helps us to sustain our market position. Therefore, we are one of the preferred partners for manufacturers of serial twin sheet air ducts as well as car manufacturers. We have a team of experts for your assistance. Together we can make the best decisions for product and material choices.

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