Acoustic absorption in air ducts

March 17, 2022

Acoustic absorption in air ducts

With air ducts produced of PO-foam by the twinsheet technology, we are able to reduce airflow noise by up to 5 dB compared to conventional air ducts.

In addition to the twinsheet thermoforming process we developed, we also offer our customers the production of foam blow-molded air ducts. All our air duct solution score high in a whole range of other benefits such as weight savings or improved thermal insulation. Progress towards sustainability is very important to us in our products. Trocellen is one of the leading manufacturers of chemically and physically crosslinked polyolefin foams and combines its expertise in foam production with various with various finishing options. Therefore we can together find the best material fitting to your area of usage.

Are you interested? A clear advantage for our customers is the cost-effective construction of prototypes for their individual concerns. We like to convince with quality. Convince yourself and give us a call.

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