Thermoformed Air Ducts – Weight Savings & Benefits

September 7, 2021

What is thermoforming? Thermoforming is a process used in industry to form thermoplastic materials using heat combined with compressed air or a vacuum. Thermoforming is increasingly used by Trocellen Automotive in the automotive industry.

The thermoforms are made of optimized XLPE foam, are heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius and result in up to 65 percent lower weight. Thermal insulation to reduce energy loss is helping automotive manufacturers develop fuel-efficient electric cars.

Weight savings in the automotive industry The automotive sector is one of the most important economic sectors in Europe. Electric mobility is playing a growing role for all automotive manufacturers against the backdrop of increased environmental awareness and climate change.

Weight savings are helping the automotive industry develop cars that are lighter and as a result consume less fuel. Lightweight materials such as thermoforming air ducts are used to achieve weight reduction and electric car manufacturers in particular will rely on this.

Advantages of Thermoformed Air Ducts

Sealing function, easy assembly, low-cost prototyping and suppression of noise are the advantages of thermoforming technology. Easy flexible installation is provided and minimal noise is generated even under the tightest installation conditions. Automotive by Trocellen thermoforming ventilation ducts are also efficiently protected against temperature fluctuations from minus 30 degrees to plus 130 degrees Celsius.

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