Thermal insulation for twinsheet air ducts

May 6, 2022

Thermal Insulation twinsheet thermoformed air ducts - Trocellen Automotive

We love development! And we love our air ducts! We are constantly optimizing and improving our products. Not only does our twinsheet air duct benefit from this, but so do our customers. The Twinsheet thermoformed air duct has lower energy loss and better insulation compared to traditional blow-molded air ducts. This has been shown by the tests we have carried out and the results are impressive. In the attached graphic you can follow our test setup and see for yourself.

Our promise to you as our customers: We are at least as flexible as our air ducts. In addition to the twinsheet thermoforming process we developed and favor, we naturally also offer the production of foam blow-molded air ducts.

In addition, our twinsheet thermoformed air ducts in particular offer a whole range of advantages. Not only do we show what we can do in terms of weight savings, extreme flexibility and significantly improved sound insulation. We are also convincing in terms of condensation for higher demands and quality.

Have we aroused your interest? A clear advantage for our customers is the cost-effective construction of prototypes for their individual needs. Convince yourself and give us a call.

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