Automotive air duct

May 28, 2021

An automotive air duct is assembled in your car for heating, air conditioning and ventilating your vehicle. Flaps and walls isolate two chambers of an air duct in automobiles. Vehicles have a climate control system to maintain temperature inside the vehicle. Automobiles include heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) assembly for air handling in climate control system. This assembly consists of ducts and vents to control the flow of air in and out of the vehicle. An air duct is functionally responsible for controlling transfer of air flow into and out of the occupant compartment of automobiles. Additionally, the air duct is also designed to reduce noise or vibration to a minimum. There are two types of air ducts: conventional air duct and twinsheet thermoformed air duct. Conventional air ducts are made of solid material due to which they tend to occupy a lot more space in cars and uses a lot of thermal energy. Twinsheet thermoformed air ducts are the most advanced ducts in the automotive industry.

Trocellen Automotive is the proud inventor of twinsheet thermoformed air duct technology. It is manufactured using cross-linked PO foams and outperforms conventional air conducts in automotive industries. It is 65 percent lighter than solid air ducts and it is thermal insulation improvement reduces energy losses. It is closed cell structure makes it highly flexible and easy to assemble. Thermoform air duct is environmentally friendly, long lasting solution for your car and it can be easily removed or changed as opposed by the conventional one. It is cost efficient prototype making it an economical option for car manufacturers. If you ever notice a downfall in your car’s performance or it is heating up too quickly you might need to change air ducts of your vehicle.

Trocellen’s twinsheet PE foam air ducts have proven to be an efficient alternative to the conventional air ducts in terms of cost and performance. High end car companies are using PE foam air ducts inside various areas such as doors, roof, pillars, centre console, rear legroom, and instrument panel.

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