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May 14, 2021

Trocellen Automotive is one of the leading companies in the polyolefin foam manufacturing industry. As a company we provide a professional blend of foam production skills with several converting capabilities. Because of our successful partnerships across the globe, we understand the change in requirements of the automotive industry. We have a strong visualization of the global demand. This helps us to plan innovative applications and solutions to meet the requirements of the global automotive industry.

We are able to provide advanced solutions, based on our dedication and consideration for our customers’ needs. Our worldwide presence helps us to gain our customers’ trust. We have a team of highly motivated individuals. These creative minds are important building blocks of our successful business venture. Our smart solutions are helping our partners in business promotion and progression, as well as they are improving people’s life.

Our goal is to protect and offer comfortable solutions to humanity. Our focus to achieve this goal makes us even more passionate about our products. A strong automotive background, combined with many years of experience and the supreme quality of our products, provides us a competitive edge in the market. We follow a conventional path of listening-understanding-solving-manufacturing-supplying. We provide personalized advice after listening to customers’ requirements. Our professionals validate the whole process of development. The goal is to produce light weight and comfortable products with zero compromises of quality.

We are always aiming to find the optimal solutions in our converting centers. With a wide range of procedures in thermoforming and die cutting, we process material that is adapted to your application in order to find the best solution for your specific purpose.

Beside this Trocellen foam also has exceptional acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities, as well as convenient haptics. We have certain standards that must be followed under all possible conditions. Our team is quick to respond to customers’ queries. We have separate units for every task and this creates a short service channel. We invest in our future by continuously developing our international team. We are always looking to hire highly motivated team players across the globe. Our excellence in infrastructure and services is our power. We are committed to our objectives and goals and are always open for meaningful international partnerships.

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