Composites With Po Foam

New, innovative light weight solutions are essential to react to the increasing pressure of the automotive industry to reduce CO2 emissions. Cross-linked PO foams of Trocellen are media resistant due to their closed cells and show good thermomouldability and temperature resistance. Therefore they suit excellently for creating light and stabile composites.

PU-Composites with soft PO foam

Joint development of Trocellen and Bayer Material Science

  • Bayer Baypreg honeycomb sandwich + layer of PO foam
  • Optional PVC decor layer with high scratch resistance
  • One step compression moulding without additional glue
  • Baypreg F sandwich: very stiff at low weight / high temperature resistance and dimensional stability
  • PO foam: soft touch / good sealing function / good acoustic damping

Carpet with PO foam backing layer

Substitution of heavy layer system by PO foam

  • 50 % weight reduction compared to standard heavy layer system
  • Comparable acoustic performance as heavy layer system
  • Good stiffness of the carpet
  • Good thermoformability
  • Good barrier function regarding PUR foaming

LDPE foil with PE foam

PE foam laminated with extruded PE foil

  • Excellent thermomoulding properties
  • Excellent adhesion between LDPE and foam
  • PE foam: good sealing function / good surface protection
  • PE foil: good scratch resistance / good carrier function

Sandwich with PE foam + glass fibre

Sandwich with high-tensile outer layer and PO foam core

  • Good thermomouldability
  • Media resistance
  • PP glass fibre woven: high tensile strength / good carrier function
  • PO foam: light weight / excellent welding to PP glass fibre

Sandwich with PO foam + paper

Sandwich with high-tensile outer layer and PO foam core

  • Outer layer of craft liner, glass fibre woven or basalt
  • High stiffness at light weight
  • Stiffness and weight can be adjusted by varying density and thickness of PO foam
  • No water absorption due to closed cell foam
  • Thermomouldability / fast compression moulding

Sandwich with PO foam + resin and glass fibre

Sandwich with high-tensile outer layer + bond bridge in PO core

  • Light weight, good use for resin vacuum process
  • High stiffness at light weight
  • Resin glass fibre woven: high tensile strength / excellent carrier function
  • PO foam: no absorption of resin fluid / flexible forming