Car Body Protection

Car Body Protection made of PVC / LDPE and PE-Foam

This type of body protection is a combination of a solid, robust PVC or LDPE foil as carrier, laminated with Trocellen PE foam and thermoformed to the required shape. It is used at the assembly line of the car manufacturers for protection of the painted car body during the assembly process.

  • Easy assembly
  • Excellent fitting accuracy
  • No scratches
  • Low weight
  • Compensation of tolerances
  • Non-harmful materials
  • Good cost-value ratio

Advantages of Trocellen PE Foam

Foam criteria:

  • Thermoformability
  • Good lamination to PVC or LDPE
  • Gentle, soft contact area to metal sheet
  • Closed cell foam – no media absorption
  • Smooth surface – no imprints on the paint

Foam material strength:

  • High compression set – good force distribution of impact
  • Strong foam skin – high scratch resistance

Paint compatibility:

  • Trocellen vertical passes the paint compatibility test AA-P 128 surface resistance according to VDA 621-412
  • validation: no damages on the car paint appeared

Flexible concepts for every requirement:

  • Protection parts with leather stripe
  • Protection parts with positioning marks
  • Protection parts with molded labeling
  • Easy handling – light weight and flexible

Rib construction:

  • High stiffness and robustness
  • Force distribution to the plane foam layer
  • Good flat seating to the metal sheet
  • Punctual forces are weakened

Magnet fixation:

  • Only few clips at the top rim needed
  • Easy attachment at vehicle
  • No staining of paint due to spacing
  • Stable fixation – 90° rotation possible
Complex shaping:

  • Complex 3-D forming
  • Door step protection

Carline examples

FORD Fiesta, Focus, Transit Connect, BMW Z4, X1