MCPET – Microcellular Reflective Sheet


  • Excellent reflection powerMCPET1
  • Total reflectivity: 99% or more
  • Diffuse reflectivity: 96% or more
  • Light weight and high impact strength
  • Shape holding temperature: < 160 °C
  • Non harmful materials
  • Smooth surface

”MCPET” is structured by micro meter size foams which mean of diameter are 10μm or less. The reflectivity of MCPET is the highest level of reflectors that we are aware of.

Total Reflectanc


Diffuse Reflectance



Property Description
Material Foamed PET, white (polyethylene terephtalate)
Thickness (Tolerance) 0.94mm (-0.08, +0.08 mm)
Width (Tolerance) 600mm (-0, +5 mm)
Length (Tolerance) 1,000mm 1,200mm 1,500mm (-0, +20 mm)
Density (Tolerance) 345 kg/m3 (-30, +30 kg/m3)
Total reflectivity 99 % (relative reflectivity with BaSO4 at 550nm)
Diffuse reflectivity 96 % (relative reflectivity with BaSO4 at 550nm)
Tensile strength (Direction) 13.5MPa (MD) 13.5MPa (TD)
Bending strength (Direction) 900MPa (MD) 750MPa (TD)
Flame resistance certification UL 94 – HBF (File No. E99693)
Glow wire Test IEC 60695 GWFI 960/0.95, GWIT 850/0.95

Application and uses

  • Reflector for LED Backlighting (Instrument panel)
  • Reflector for interior ambient lighting (Room lights)